Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Pets

1.Food Safety
Thanksgiving centers around food, but some items can be harmful to pets. Be cautious with turkey, avoiding raw or undercooked parts, bones, and fatty skin. Raw bread dough with yeast poses a life-threatening risk. Keep pets away from raw eggs in pies and cakes, and be cautious with desserts containing xylitol, which can be fatal if consumed by pets. Chocolates can cause vomiting, diarrhea, high blood pressure, seizures, and other issues for not only dogs but cats and other pets, too.
2.Costume Reminders
For a festive touch during Thanksgiving, and if your pet doesn’t mind it, you may consider a funny pilgrim or turkey costume for your fur baby. Ensure it’s not too tight or loose, doesn’t hinder mobility, breathing, or potty time, and doesn’t pose choking hazards. Let your pet try it beforehand, and if they’re uncomfortable, skip the costume.
3.Decoration Dangers
While pumpkins and decorative corn aren’t toxic, excessive ingestion can upset your pet’s stomach. Be cautious of candles and decorations with small pieces that pose a choking hazard. If setting up holiday decorations, keep items like glass ornaments, tinsel, pinecones, and light strands out of your pet’s reach.
4.Floral Centerpieces
Brightening your table with flowers and other decorative plants can be lovely, but be aware of toxic plants like autumn crocus, chrysanthemum, and acorns from oak trees. If ingestion is suspected, contact your vet, an emergency clinic, or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center immediately.
5.Hosting Guests
Pets may feel uneasy or overstimulated with unfamiliar guests and the hustle and bustle that comes with visitors. If anxious, place them in a quiet room with their favorite toy and fresh water. Be mindful of the opening of doors, as pets might try to escape. Ensure proper ID and consider a microchip for added security.
6.Traveling With Pets
Deciding to travel with your pet depends on factors like your mode of travel and your pet’s adaptability. Check state or international travel requirements, get a health certificate for crossing borders, and secure your pet with a harness or carrier. For air travel, consult your vet and bring medical records and proper identification. Microchipping is recommended for added safety for your beloved fur baby!
7.Preparing for Emergencies
Despite planning, holiday mishaps can occur. Ask your vet about holiday hours, save emergency vet contacts, and keep a pet first-aid kit at home and have one along for travel. Though easier said than done, stay calm in emergencies. Consider pet health Insurance for added coverage.
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