Encinitas Pet Sitting


Encinitas we love petsPet Sitting was founded in 2016 by the young newlyweds, yours truly, – Zack and Yumi Thieman. We met in Peru, when Zack arrived there for his Peace Corps Service. As Zack and Yumi got to know each other, they discovered one and others’ love of animals and passion for helping others.


Encinitas Pet Sitting started out almost by accident while helping friends, neighbors, and fellow entrepreneurs by taking care of their pets while there were away on business or vacation. We realized we really enjoy the work and decided to start a proper business dedicated to providing excellent pet sitting and dog walking services to the Encinitas area.


We both grew up with pets in our homes ranging from cats and dogs to fish and birds. We look forward to our time spent pet sitting as we currently have no pets of our own at home.


Our History


lazo rosaWe’re going on our third year of marriage this June! We met in Peru while Zack was serving in the Peace Corps working with children and youth. Yumi’s family hosted volunteers during their training and that’s where we met. As we got to know each other, we became best friends and then fell in love. After a few years passed, Zack proposed to Yumi on a beautiful beach in northern Peru with a ukulele song.


lazo verdeWhen Zack returned to the U.S. after his volunteer service, he officially opened his music business, Zack David Music. He decided to move to California after the Peace Corps since part of his family moved here, rather than returning to his home state, Minnesota. For about a year after his return, he saved up to bring Yumi to the United States.


Meet Yumi


Yumi grew up with a lot of pets around since her mom used to save them and take care of them at their home. Because of this, Yumi learned how to care for animals as a child.

Yumi has a big heart and is a very patient person. She always helped out with social programs in Peru participating in activities working with children and poor people, when she arrived in Encinitas Ca, she found Rancho Coastal Humane Society and she was a volunteer in the Thrift Shop. Her favorites reasons to help there were: great people! pet the dogs! make money for maintaining the animals! Until Encinitas Pet Sitting starts growing.



Meet Zack


Zack has always had a passion for helping others, traveling and music. He has been able to partake in some amazing and enriching experiences thanks to this. When not strumming his guitar or walking a dog.

Zack enjoys bike riding, bowling, beach time and about anything else outdoors…a Minnesota boy living in California and loving it!



Zack David Music: www.ZackDavid.com


We are pet lovers. We decided to make a job out of it because of our love for it and also to help people who need a couple extra friends dedicated to making sure their pet is in loving hands.


Our goal is to offer the most competitive pricing possible as well as the best service in the area. When your pets are in our hands, they are family! Your pet’s safety, comfort and wellbeing are our priorities.


We work as a team which gives us a great advantage in taking care of animals. We look forward to meeting you and your furry children and thank you for supporting us as a young married couple of entrepreneurs!