Encinitas Pet Sitting


Encinitas Pet Sitting was officially established in May, 2016. But first, let’s rewind to late 2014 when Zack returned to the United States after serving nearly 4 years in the Peace Corps in Perú. He landed in Encinitas followed by Yumi about 8 months later after she finished her studies in Perú. Shortly thereafter, we got married and started our new life together here in Encinitas!


We had known for a while that we wanted to be entrepreneurs since we both come from entrepreneurial families and love it! During our early months living together in Encinitas, we explored different ideas while Zack was gaining traction as a musician and getting more gigs and custom song projects.


During this time we were taking side jobs including taking care of family and friends’ pets. As our pet-sitting gigs became more and more frequent, we decided to formalize and make a proper business out of it. Since Yumi’s English speaking was still in the developing stages at this time, and we were too busy to make much time for friends, pets became and continue to be like another family for us.


We were (and continue to be) blessed with amazing clients who have helped us by referring us to their families, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. It didn’t take long after establishing for Encinitas Pet Sitting to get up and running. Now, we’re officially over 8 years in and we’ve learned so much over the years and continue to learn more every day.


We continue to love what we do and are so grateful for the opportunity to continue to do so. We strive daily to better our knowledge and abilities as pet care professionals and are proud to serve the Encinitas area. Thank you for the opportunity!


Meet Yumi



Hi, I’m Yumi! I’m from Lima, Perú! I’ve been surrounded by family pets since childhood, including dogs, cats, and even parrots. I’ve been lucky enough to get to know a variety of farm animals when visiting family in the Andes including rams, goats, cows, bulls, llamas, and more. It was awesome and I cherish those memories!


One of my favorite childhood memories is when my grandpa would teach me how to pronounce words when I was just a little girl. The funny thing is, my grandpa was teaching me and the parrot at the same time! I have many good memories like this one that include family pets. I learned to love animals as equals and developed a deep compassion for them throughout my childhood years.


As a teenager, I considered being a veterinarian, but couldn’t handle the thought of animals suffering. That being said, my family and I supposed that perhaps someday I would end up working with animals. I’m so blessed and grateful that this became a reality!


In addition to being co-owner of Encinitas Pet Sitting, I’m also a graphic designer and Illustrator. I’m in charge of the branding, organization, and marketing areas and of course, I’m also one of the two pet sitters. Zack (other co-owner of Encinitas Pet Sitting) helps me a lot too. Teamwork! Though owning a pet-sitting business and taking care of the fur babies is very fun and fulfilling work, we take it very seriously. A happy and healthy pet is always our top priority.


Meet Zack



Hello, there! Zack, here. Like Yumi (my wife and other co-owner of Encinitas Pet Sitting), I also grew up with pets for as long as I can remember. I’ll never forget frolicking in the snow in the backyard with our black lab Lucky or running around on the ice with our golden retriever Hunter (classic Minnesota-boy memories). As I grew older my family adopted cats as well. My chunky orange boy “Bo” was my best friend growing up. I was the lucky one because he didn’t like anyone else in the family. He was a great comfort to me through the often-times challenging years of adolescence…even if it was hard to breathe with him sleeping on my stomach. Oh, what a difference a pet can make in a family!


Since moving away from family to venture off to college and into the world, my love for animals has only continued to grow. During my time in the Peace Corps in Perú, I met and was able to get to know Yumi well. Since early on in our relationship, we’ve shared a love for animals. We even saved a trapped dog once…but that’s a story for a different day.


We now (2024) are parents of two precious rescued bunnies! yay! After caring for so many pet friends, we now have two babies of our own, who fill our days with a lot of love.


Apart from being the co-owner and a pet sitter of Encinitas Pet Sitting, I’m also a musician. I love playing gigs at private parties, events, nursing homes, and more! I also enjoy writing and recording personalized songs for businesses and for gifts! It’s fun and convenient that I can take care of the musical needs and Yumi can take care of the visually artistic needs of Encinitas Pet Sitting.


I’m so grateful to work beside Yumi in this lovely little place, Encinitas, and I’m looking forward to meeting you and your four-pawed family members!



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