Summer 2020

📍We offer this service in Encinitas & the immediate area.


📌 We only walk your dog(s), so your dog(s) will get all of our attention.


📌 IMPORTANT COVID-19 UPDATES: Everything on this page applies, but at a heightened level of safety and cleanliness.

After walks, we’ll be using these grooming wipes on your dog(s)’ paws and body, unless you have a preferred brand of grooming wipes that will be available at your home. You may request that we don’t use them.

We’ll be using disposable gloves, disposable foot coverings, masks and goggles to enter your home and will maintain the highest cleanliness standards.

Your dog(s) may come in contact with the following due to the cleaners and PPE we use: vinyl, PVC, nitrile, other rubber/plastic materials, isopropyl alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, aloe vera gel, vinegar.

We’ll be spending limited time in your home – mostly to take care of the necessary duties inside. Otherwise we’ll spend most time outside walking and/or playing with your dog(s).

Social distancing measures will be practiced with other people and dogs when walking outside with your dog(s).

We kindly ask that there be no possibility that we encounter other people in your home during our visits.

Meet and greets will now be conducted virtually over and/or outside and socially distanced. We’ll also kindly require that you wear a mask during all interactions with us.



EPS Dog Walking : Short Visits Contract 7 2020


📌  Who usually contacts us for this service:


-People who work long hours or are otherwise away for a large part of the day and need some help walking, feeding and checking up on their dog(s).

-People who are away traveling and need someone to check in on their dog(s) a few times a day. Note: this option may not make sense for some breeds, for others, it’s a perfect fit.


📌  What we offer in this service:


-We’ll make sure your dog(s) gets plenty of love and exercise in the comfort of his/her own home.

-When we go outside for walks and other doggies are nearby, we are always extra careful to avoid confrontation.

-We always ensure your dog(s) has access to fresh water.

-We make sure your dog(s) is eating his/her/their food and drinking water – even if it means hand-feeding your dog if he/she/they needs the extra encouragement.

-We’ll be happy to use the training prompts you use with your dog(s) to ensure consistent training.

-We will be inspecting your dog to ensure your dog is happy and healthy.

-We will send you text messages or email updates (depending on your preference and coverage) every visit, that will include photos and/or videos.

-We will be happy to help with small tasks around your home (plant watering, mail, etc.)


📌  Important Notes:


-All dogs and Puppies need to have all their shots.

-Dog(s) need to be up to date on their flea/tick medication.

-Available for 1 or 2 dogs up to 35 pounds and under each.

-When your dog(s) are with us, they always will be on-leash when outside.


📌  Prices:


*30 minutes:  $25

*45 minutes:  $30

 *60 minutes: $35


 *Please contact us for a quote if a visit (or visits) longer than 1-hour is desired. We’re generally NOT offering visits longer than 60 minutes in length because we’re trying to limit our time inside other peoples’ homes due to COVID. If your dog(s) has a nice shaded outdoor area where we can spend extended periods of time, we may consider longer visits.


Holidays subject to extra charge.



Call ‪(760) 456-5982‬ for more info and to set up a free, half-hour Meet and Greet!