Private Dog Walking:


If you work long hours or are otherwise away for a large part of the day and need some help walking, feeding and checking up on your dog, we’ll be happy to help!

We’ll make sure your pup gets the exercise and love he/she needs and we’ll send videos and photos so you can see how he/she is doing! We only walk one dog (or multiple dogs from the same owner) at a time, so your dog(s) will get all of our attention.

This service is available too for people who are away traveling and need someone to check in on their dog(s) a few times a day or for people that need dog walking combined with other duties around your home.

Though this option may not make sense for some breeds, for others it’s a perfect fit. We’ll make sure your dog(s) gets plenty of love and exercise in the comfort of his/her own home. We’ll send photos and videos so you can see how your pup(s) is doing!


*30 minutes:  $25

 *60 minutes: $35:


(For 60 minutes includes us making sure your home is doing okay including plant watering and other small tasks that need to be done while you’re away.)


*Each additional dog incurs a $5 charge per visit*

*Holiday: extra charge*


Available for 1, 2 or 3 dogs up to 40 pounds and under each!



Call 760 846 8090 for more info and to set up a meet and greet!