For Dog Boarding Service. We take care of one dog (or multiple dogs from the same owner) under around 35 pounds or under. When the doggie/s is here with us, we let him/her sleep where he/she


    We offer special attention for all of our services by taking care of the pet(s) of one owner at a time. We are boarding and walking dogs around 35 pounds and under.   Private Dog Boarding:


    We are boarding and walking dogs around 35 pounds around and under. When caring for your dog(s), we are very aware of our surroundings and always use a flashlight for evening potty breaks.

”Pets are not simply our clients… They are part of our family”

Our Experience

The Dog we Saved in Encinitas

Back in the car-less days, Zack and Yumi had to get around on Bike…even to many of Zack’s gigs. One day the two were on their way home from a gig at the Olivenhain Guest Home when they saw a poor little dog in the middle of an

The Dog We Saved in Peru

While walking around a small town in Peru Zack, Yumi and a friend of their’s, Steven spotted a dog stuck up in a storage space. Yumi actually saw it first. The dog was skinny not looking so great. Despite the risk of rabies and fleas, the

Lola the Little Black Pug

Lola is a little snorter. She’s a small package with a huge attitude and even bigger heart. She loves people and treats but isn’t so fond of other dogs…especially bigger dogs. In her buggy pug eyes, she’s always the alpha ...

The Bulldog…Who Made Us Fall in Love.

When Zack was volunteering in the Peace Corps, Yumi was working two jobs and studying at the same time. Needless to say, we had to plan our vacations together carefully. We always seemed to end up at a beach. Our favorite place was Pacasmayo, a

Shadow, The Crazy but Still Lovely Dog

  We met Shadow 6 months ago, and when his owner travels, We take care of him. He is a naughty boy, but has a tender heart. He has some problems socializing with other dogs so we have to be very careful when taking him out. His hobbies are

Dublin, The Funniest Dog.

Dublin is an awesome dog. She’s so friendly and funny! Her favorite time is adventure time! She gets so excited and for that reason needs a gentle leader to help her along. She’s a very sharp dog and loves socializing and playing

The Cats in Miraflores, Lima – Perú.

One of Yumi’s favorite things to do when she was studying was going to the park in Miraflores between classes to destress. Miraflores Park is well know in Peru and is also a great tourist attraction. This park is filled with friendly

The Sweetest “Mean Dog”

I guess if you don’t know him he could be a little intimidating. But once you meet this teddy bear of a dog, you’ll know he wouldn’t hurt a fly. However, his brother Shadow can get him riled up in which case his loud booming

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