• Meet & Greet

    We offer a free half-hour meet & greet to make sure we’re a perfect fit to care for your furry family! Contact us to schedule an in-person or virtual meet & greet. [instagram-feed]

  • Private Care

    We run a small business (just Yumi & Zack) providing special attention for all services by taking care of the pet(s) of one owner at a time. No confrontation. No stress. Just happy, healthy

  • Confidence

    Extra safety & Cleanliness. We are fully vaccinated + Booster. We’re committed to providing excellent care to your pets while taking all necessary health and safety measures to protect

    • Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Pets

      Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Pets

        1.Food Safety   Thanksgiving centers around food, but some items can be harmful to pets. Be cautious with turkey, avoiding raw or undercooked parts, bones, and fatty skin. Raw bread dough with yeast poses a life-threatening risk. Keep pet...

    • Pet Safety Leading Up to July 4

      Pet Safety Leading Up to July 4

        Make sure your pets have identification tags with up-to-date info. Ensure their collar is snug but not too tight and the tags aren’t worn or damaged.   If your pets aren’t already microchipped, talk with your vet about microchipping. ...

    • Regular checkups are essential!

      Regular checkups are essential!

      Cats rarely show signs of discomfort or illness until the issue has become serious. Regular checkups are essential to detect issues early.   Los gatitos my raramente muestran señales de incomodidad o enfermedad hasta que sea muy serio. Las visi...



Zack and Yumi have taken care of our maltese a few times.  He is 9 years old, good natured, and somewhat particular.  They’ve been great with him – he seems to really enjoy staying with them.  When I get him out of the car he is eager to go up

Zack and Yumi have been an answer to prayer for me. I’m a ER nurse and work 12 hour shifts that usually turn into 14 hour shifts. My husband has been traveling and both my daughters are in college. When I’m at work I can count on that text and

This guys are the most amazing and sweet couple. They really love what they do. We have the best experience when we went to travel and they take care of our two Cats: Donatella y Gianni. Every day updates, pictures, etc so that make us feel very ...

Encinitas Pet Sitting, Zack and Yumi have just looked after our dogs for the last two weeks while we were away and it has been a wonderfully comforting experience for both ourselves and the dogs. We have two 40 lb litter mates from Helen

_Zack and Yumi treat my dog as royalty, he did not miss me at all. He was the King of the house.I was scare because this was the first time I left my Bichon in the care of anyone. But after the second day I was able to enjoy my time off with the ...

_They are awesome! I highly recommend them. I have 2 cats and a dog, Zack and Yumi do a great job of giving them plenty of love and attention. They follow my directions I leave them to a tee. You basically get two great pet sitters for the price ...

_Yumi and Zack were awesome while looking after our 1yr old dachshund-chihuahua for the day. Twig was happy while staying there. We would definitely recommend Yumi and Zach.   Daniel G. (Rover review)

_Yumi and Zack were amazing! Bandit had a great five night stay and was beyond well cared for. These folks give your pet the time and attention they need and provide such a level of peace and comfort while you’re away. I’ll definitely choose

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