📍(We do this service in Encinitas including Cardiff by the Sea, Leucadia, La Costa and nearby Rancho Santa Fe)
In-Home Dog Care (At Owner’s Home):
📌  Who usually contacts us for this service:
-This service is perfect if you are out of town and prefer your dog/s stays in their own environment while receiving constant personal care while you’re away.
📌  How we work:
-We always offer a free, half-hour Meet & Greet.
-To finalize bookings, we require half payment in advance.
📌 What we offer in this service:
-This service allows us to stay at your place for an extended period of time. We’ll stay at your place with your beloved dog/s and make sure they don’t get lonely while you’re away.
-We’ll make sure to stick to their routine and cater to their exact needs so they can still feel at home, even when you aren’t. We can also take care of small tasks around your home such as taking out the trash bins, watering plants, etc.
-At least one of us (Yumi and/or Zack) will be spending the nights at your home. If we must both leave at the same time, we won’t leave your dog/s and home for more than a few hours at a time during the day.
-We’ll make sure your dog/s gets the love they need, in their own home, while you are away!
-We will send you text messages or email updates (depending on your preference and coverage), that will include photos and/or videos.
📌  Important Notes:
-All dogs and puppies need to have all their shots.
-Dog/s and puppies need to be up to date on their flea/tick medication.
-Available for up to three dogs.
-You dog/s will always be on-leash when outside while under our care.
📌  Prices:
*Night Care:   $75 (up to 10 hours. $90 for between 10-24 hours)
*Day Care:     $75 (up to 10 hours. $90 for between 10-24 hours)
*Per Day:       $90 per day (per 24-hour time period)
New pricing to take effect starting May 1, 2020:
1 or 2 dogs:   Per Night ($90)
If leaving after 9ish a.m. but before or around noonish on the last day, an additional $40 will be charged.
If leaving after noonish on the last day, an additional $80 will be charged.
The time in which we arrive the first day will not impact pricing. 

Service available for up to three dogs. The third dog incurs an additional charge of $10 per night.


Call 760 846 8090 for more info and to set up a free half-hour Meet and Greet!