Cats are biologically different from people in many ways. One is that their kidneys can filter out enough of the salt in saltwater that they can actually rehydrate from it to a certain extent

With up to 250 bones in their body, cats have up to 40+ more bones than humans.

Kittens have 26 teeth. Adult cats have 30.

Genetically, a house cat is over 95% tiger.

Though only for short distances, cats can run up to 30 miles per hour.

Cats can jump over 5 times their height.



We are currently doing dog/ cat care visits in the morning and late afternoon if you need some help with your purry furry friends ! We are doing routes in Encinitas and the immediate area.*

Pets are not simply our clients, they are part of our family!

Extra safety and cleanliness.

We offer personalized services by taking care of one (or multiple pets from the same owner) at a time!

(760) 456-5982

Licensed, Insured & Bonded by Pet Sitter Associates.

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