Hello Folks! Zack and Yumi here of Encinitas Pet Sitting!
We are saying bye bye to an awesome May, and we are so excited for another awesome month – June!
We’re having a great time meeting new people and cute new furry friends! It’s a lot of fun caring for our babies with four paws.

At this time, we’re happy to announce new and exciting news from Encinitas Pet Sitting.

It is really a pleasure to have dogs with us, especially to have the company of one dog at a time with us at our home and to be dog’s second family while their real dog mom and/or dad are away.

We have been asked many times if we could care for two dogs at the same time by owners who have two dogs and due to landlord rules, we couldn’t. In early August, we’ll be moving to a new place (about 5 minutes from where we currently live) that will allow us to care for more than one dog at a time.

We’ll still be offering with our service of one dog at a time for those owners who desire that. Additionally, we’re very happy to announce that we’ll be offering the service of taking care of two dogs from the same owner at a time.

We’re so excited for this new adventure. Our goal is that your dog(s) is happy, health and safe with us, so you can have peace of mind, while away.

If you’re interested in our services, we will be so happy to meet you!

During this month of June, we are continuing to offer a promotional price for our Cat Care & Dog Walking services to our neighbors that live within about a mile of us (Requeza St & Regal Rd) of only $18 per visit to your home.

We enjoy working together in offering the services of:

*Private Dog Boarding (one dog at a time up to 40 pounds and under)

(Dogs from the same owner starting in August)

*Private Dog Walking

*Short Visits

*In-Home Care

*Cat Care (Short visits to your home)

*Pet Transportation

*Pooper Scooper.

We look forward to meeting you soon and we wish you a lovely June and beyond!

Yumi & Zack