Hello Folks! Zack and Yumi here of Encinitas Pet Sitting!

We are saying bye bye to an awesome February. A month of meeting awesome new people and cute new furry friends!  Every dog we care for teaches us something new.

This time around, I’m happy to share with you our experience taking care of a tiny Yorkie named Ubi. Little Ubi is a regular here at Encinitas Pet Sitting and has been since we met him almost a year ago!

Ubi is an adorable little guy. He loves lying in the sun, sitting in our laps, hanging out in bed wrapped up in blankets among other laid-back activities.

While some would say Ubi is a “scaredy dog,” we see him as one of the most valiant dogs we’ve ever met. “Why,” you may ask. Despite being startled and scared by things such as the vacuum and blender, among other loud noises and window reflections, he doesn’t run away. Rather, he goes to investigate and stands his ground!

We totally understand why he’s easily startled. We would be too if we were pint sized in this big world.

Ubi teaches us all that it’s okay to be scared, but that we don’t have to let it hold us back. Being brave leads us to big discoveries and many blessings in life.

Thank you for your wisdom, grand Ubi!

During this month of March, we are continuing to offer a promotional price for our Cat Care & Dog Walking services to our neighbors that live within about a mile of us (Requeza St & Regal Rd) of only $18 per visit to your home.

We enjoy working together in offering the services of: dog boarding (one dog at a time under 30 pounds), dog walking, short visits, in-home care, cat care, pet transportation and pooper scooper.

We look forward to meeting you soon and we wish you a lovely March and beyond!


Yumi & Zack