Hello folks! Zack and Yumi here of Encinitas Pet Sitting!

During this first month of 2017, we’ve been able to meet some more really awesome owners and their dogs and cats. Every pet that we care for has a story, a personality, a cold nose and a warm heart.

This time around, we’ll tell you about a very sweet little dog named Benny. We are always really heartbroken when we hear stories of dogs that had a history of abuse before being rescued. But it’s uplifting and relieving to know that many of these dogs, like Benny are now part of a loving family.

Benny may have a scar on his head from his previous owners, but he has a bigger scar on his heart. Animals don’t forget the past – be it good or bad. It is very important that we respect this.

As pet sitters, we always take it slow and respect the personal space and boundaries of the pets we take care of. The first day, especially, is very important in building trust. We are at home most of the time and like to maintain a low-key environment so the dog we’re taking care of at the time is comfortable. Zack is a musician and Yumi is a graphic designer. So, there’s plenty of snuggle time at our desks with our furry visitors.

It’s always hard for us to say bye to each dog we take care of. Our daily routine may be busier and altered logistically when taking care of a dog, but our home is filled with more warmth and laughter. We have a running joke that is, “I wonder if Benny (or whatever dog we had recently taken care of) is thinking about us right now, too!”

All this being said, we really appreciate you owners for putting your trust in us. It’s a pleasure taking care of your four-legged family member. We are always happy to see familiar faces and meet new furry friends!

During this month of February, we are offering a promotional price for our Cat Care service to our neighbors in Encinitas and the surrounding area of only $15 per visit to your home.

We enjoy working together in offering the services of: dog boarding (one dog at a time under 30 pounds), dog walking, short visits, in-home care, cat care, pet transportation and pooper scooper.

We look forward to meeting you soon and we wish you a lovely February and beyond!


Yumi & Zack