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Here are a few ideas that have worked for some pet owners to make their furry friends happier. All dogs are different – but these ideas may be worth a shot with your pooch!
1. New treats.
Having the same treats sometimes could be boring, like when you are eating the same thing every day.
What about mixing up the treats a little bit? You may find your dog more excited and responsive about the new flavors and textures. Maybe you could try giving one special treat a day along with the normal ones. We recommend natural, organic treats to keep your dog happy and healthy!
2. Connection.
We know your dog is important to you, but you are everything to your dog! Spend some time with your dog, go on a longer walk, play with him/her, snuggle him/her. It’s not about how much you talk to your dog – it’s about how you talk to your dog. Your dog will cherish this time and absorb your positive energy.
3. A Bath.
Regular baths will keep your dog feeling fresh and clean. Your dog will feel better and you’ll avoid the possibility of allergens and pesky fleas.
4. Busy dog.
Naturally, a dog can get anxious and stressed if he/she doesn’t have anything to do. You can keep your dog busy by training him/her with positive reinforcement. Always be consistent in your training as any inconsistencies could confuse your pup!
5. Play Time.
Set aside at least 15 minutes a day to actively play with your dog. Buy him/her a new toy from time to time. Dogs love new toys as much as humans do (if not more)! Play time will make your energetic dog happy and keep the older ones young.
6. Teach New Tricks.
Teaching your dog a new trick is a great way for you to spend time together. Plus you’ll be providing your dog with a lot of mental stimulation and yummy treats. Old dogs can learn new tricks!
7. Train Obedience.
When your dog learns basic obedience it will make life better for both you and your dog. You can be a DIY dog trainer (learn from videos on the internet and books), go to group classes or hire a private trainer. Dogs burn lot of mental energy from thinking. A well-trained dog shares an understanding mutual understanding with his/her owner.
8. Go on Walks.
Is not just about exercise, going on walks is good for your dog’s mind. Most people don’t take their dogs out enough. Dogs need to get out. Going on walks helps your dog, physically and mentally. Your dog will experience new sights and smells – all the while burning off some energy. Getting out helps us humans in many of the same ways :).
9. Rotate Toys.
You don’t have to constantly buy new toys, or treats for that matter. If your dog seems to have lost interest in a certain toy, you can hide it until he/she forgets about it and then reintroduce it at a later time.