Zack and Yumi here!! We want to open this Blog section by first saying thank you so much stopping by. We know your time is precious and we appreciate your readership!
In this section we are going to talk about many different topics revolving around dogs and cats such as tips and advice, behavior, fun facts and more.
Since this is our first blog post, we would like to share our experiences thus far as the owners of Encinitas Pet Sitting. Since launching in May it has been a beautiful experience and we’re excited about the future!


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We’ve been meeting some great people and pets around the area and have been having a great time getting to know our new four-legged friends!


Every pet we’ve taken care of has a story…some are rescue dogs, some puppies, some older, some energetic, others calm. They all have their unique story and personality, which makes our job much more fun and interesting.


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Each pet brings a new set of experiences! Some need help eating. Some love walking and exercising, while others prefer to snuggle. We’ve had some lovely picnics and adventures. We’ve woken up many a mornings by face licking! We’ve helped a couple dogs who recently had surgery by taking extra-special care and giving them their medicine. Many of our furry friends like to help us work at the computer by keeping our lap warm. Some have enjoyed a song or two of Zack’s. We’ve tailored our space to be perfect for caring for one dog at a time by putting in fence and installing turf.


We know that caring for pets is a great responsibility and we’re very grateful to have had the trust of our clients. Our goal is to make sure your dog or cat is happy and healthy while you’re away. Since we are a growing company, we’d be very grateful to hear any recommendations you may have for Encinitas Pet Sitting!


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“Cada cosa que haces con amor, va a crecer encantador”


“Everything that you do with love, will grow to be lovely”


This is Encinitas Pet Sitting.


Thanks so much for being here. Have a blessed and shining day!