We offer special attention for all of our services by taking care of the pet(s) of one owner at a time.

We are boarding and walking dogs around 35 pounds and under.


Private Dog Boarding:

By only accepting one dog at a time (or multiple dogs of the same owner) for our dog boarding service, it ensures that your dog gets special one on one treatment.

We integrate your dog/s into our family, while still upholding his/her daily routine.

We play! We walk! We cuddle! … Whatever your dog/s prefers!


Private Dog Walking:

We help people who work long hours as well as people who are away for extended periods of time.

We only walk the dog(s) of one owner at a time.

Safety is our #1 priority. Your dog/s will always be on the leash and tended to.

Due to our calendar, we generally offer dog walking on a week-by-week basis, rather than an ongoing basis.