Encinitas Pet Sitting, Zack and Yumi have just looked after our dogs for the last two weeks while we were away and it has been a wonderfully comforting experience for both ourselves and the dogs.

We have two 40 lb litter mates from Helen Woodward, very energetic 11/2 years old’s. They got their daily walks, meals and loving attention, we got picks and videos daily showing us how the dogs were doing, this certainly gave us peace of mind and we were able to enjoy the break.

Zack and Yumi stayed at the house, as we preferred to keep the dogs in there own environment, this worked out very well for us, two happy, excited dogs to great us on our arrival home.

A reliable, honest, couple offering a valued service to our community.


Adam & Moira D. and thanks from the furry ones Linus and Shroeder – Cardiff (Nextdoor review).