The Bulldog…Who Made Us Fall in Love.

When Zack was volunteering in the Peace Corps, Yumi was working two jobs and studying at the same time. Needless to say, we had to plan our vacations together carefully. We always seemed to end up at a beach.

Our favorite place was Pacasmayo, a super laid back beach town in northern Peru. We used to stay at this little hostal and cook our food there too. It was a delicious way to save money and spend time together.

The main reason we liked this place was that there were 4 dogs there…one of them being a big goofy bulldog! The dogs were always running around the hostal playing. There were like our vacation dogs. We never were able to have pets together in Peru since our apartment wasn’t much bigger than the twin bed in it. We were also too busy at the time even if we had had space.

In conclusion, we hope to have a Bulldog someday as part of our family. But first, we’re going to adopt a rescue dog.